£200 Incentive
for the registration of new Doctor’s

The bonus payment of £200 is divided in to two parts: £150 for FULL registration and £50 for referring a friend.

To receive payment of £150 you must:

Fully register with ourselves and provide all relevant documentation.

(Mandatory Training and Skype Interview will be done once the full application has been approved and the candidate has agreed to work an assignment).

To receive payment of £50 you must:

Refer ONE friend/acquaintance and on full completion of their registration and submission of all documentation you will receive payment.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our recruitment team.

Please note: To qualify for this incentive:

  • Doctors must live and be eligible to work in NI.

  • Full documentation and registration to be completed in 3 weeks from first contact to be eligible for the incentive.

The are 5 points of registration that must be completed:

  1. 1. Application Form

  2. 2. Full Documentation Provided

  3. 3. Access NI

  4. 4. Mandatory Training

  5. 5. Photographic ID Card

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