Terms and Conditions of MediCircle Ltd:

These terms collectively include MediCircle’s terms of engagement and privacy policy and form a legally binding agreement between the end user and MediCircle Ltd; a company registered in Northern Ireland with company number NI664742. MediCircle’s registered address is 14 Wellington Park, Belfast, BT9 6RU. These Terms will apply for the provision of the Services. The following are the terms and conditions applicable to all users of MediCircle Ltd. This includes the use of MediCircle’s website and/or any associated mobile application, its social media channels or any other administration system used to deliver MediCircle’s service.


  1. Terms and Conditions of Engagement or ‘Contract of Employment’ are provided to the candidate upon registering with MediCircle.
  2. These Terms and Conditions of Engagement are legally binding in order to avail of the service provided by MediCircle. MediCircle Ltd holds the right to change, alter or amend these Terms and Conditions and these changes will take effect once published. While MediCircle will immediately communicate changes of its Terms and Conditions to the user, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure they’re aware of and agree to these updated Terms and Conditions. Continued use of MediCircle’s service will constitute the user’s agreement to these terms.
  3. MediCircle’s candidates agree that upon expression of interest in any vacancy advertised through any of MediCircle’s channels, for either permanent or short-term work, MediCircle will make a referral to its client on behalf of the applicant. This referral may include information that MediCircle holds relating to this particular candidate, such as relevant qualifications and experience.
  4. Should the hiring client wish to engage with the candidate referred by MediCircle, then MediCircle will provide the candidate with appropriate assignment information. This information will likely include the work commencement and finish times, the relevant address and/or department and other information that the client has deemed relevant. MediCircle trusts that its client has provided accurate information regarding the vacancy in this respect.
  5. MediCircle does not offer a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy for its candidates. MediCircle does however, insist that all of its registered candidates have their own professional indemnity insurance policy which is relevant for their specific area of practice. MediCircle holds a record of each candidate’s ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance Disclaimer’ as completed during the registration process.
  6. MediCircle does not charge its candidates for the recruitment service it provides. 7. MediCircle charges its client a services fee in line with MediCircle’s Agency Fee

Structure document



MediCircle does not charge its Candidates for its services. In order to register with MediCircle, you must set up a Candidate Profile via our website or mobile App. If you do not have access to a computer or mobile device, you can register with us in person at our registered offices. In order to successfully register with MediCircle, you’re required to provide us with certain information. Depending on the type of registration, you may be asked to provide MediCircle with information in line with the NHS Employment Check Standards. Any information provided to MediCircle will constitute your ‘Candidate Details’.

You warrant that:

by providing these ‘Candidate Details’, these details are up to date, accurate and complete, and that you are not falsifying your name or impersonating anyone else.

that you are fully qualified to work as a healthcare professional in the country designated in your registration, that you have obtained all necessary qualifications and hold membership of any necessary professional body and that you have appropriate indemnity insurance in place.

that you have never been disqualified from your registered professional discipline and you’re not aware of any reason that would render you unsuitable to conduct your duty as a healthcare professional.

You agree that:

should any of your candidate details change, you will notify MediCircle immediately – it is your responsibility to ensure your details held by MediCircle through its website,

mobile App or otherwise, are complete and up to date

MediCircle may access your profile for the purposes of providing its service, for its own continuous improvement and internal auditing purposes

In order to receive payment by the Friday of each week, then completed timesheets must be emailed to payroll@medicircle.com by Monday prior



MediCircle is committed to ensuring that the service it provides to its clients exceeds all expectations. MediCircle’s executive and advisory board, endeavours to validate, screen and assess all of its registering candidates for their appropriateness and suitability for employment. MediCircle has established its on-boarding, information handling and recruitment processes in line with the NHS tender frameworks and the standards set out within.

MediCircle aims to recruit and supply only the best, most suitably trained candidates for its clients, but the ultimate decision on candidate acceptance remains that of MediCircle’s client.

MediCircle charges its Clients a services fee and the fees payable are outlined within the MediCircle Fee Structure document.

The fee charged by MediCircle will be invoiced at the end of the month and due for payment within 21 days.

MediCircle is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 5% above the lending rate of Danske Bank if the Services Fee is not paid by the payment due date.

Payment is not conditional upon the acts or omissions of the candidate in question, including the level or quality of services provided by this candidate.

MediCircle does not charge a ‘finders fee’ for its NHS clients should they wish to employ a candidate permanently. However, if the Client specifically wishes to engage MediCircle for any permanent or contract recruitment campaign, then a recruitment fee will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Permanent Recruitment Terms for non NHS Clients:

For any agreed permanent recruitment service provided by MediCircle to its non NHS Clients, there is no charge to the Client until a candidate has been successfully placed.

The Permanent Recruitment Fee applied to MediCircle’s services is 10% (per Candidate’s gross annual salary) as a once-off payment.

The fee will be invoiced upon notice of successful placement and is due for payment on the date of the Candidate’s first working day. Late payment fee terms as above will apply (5% above Danske Bank’s lending rate).

MediCircle will commit to refilling the vacancy if the candidate’s employment ceases within 90 days of commencement. The original fee must be paid before MediCircle will commit to finding another suitable candidate.

Alternatively, the Client may also request a partial refund within this 90 day period as per the following:

  • <30 days = 75% refund
  •  30<60 days = 50% refund
  • 60<90 days = 25% refund

If the candidate’s employment ceases after 90 days, then no refund or replacement terms will apply


If a client wishes to engage a candidate first introduced by MediCircle, through locum, permanent or any other form of work, the client will owe an appropriate fee to MediCircle. These fee terms will apply from the date of first introduction and up to twelve months from this date

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